Create your own chatting spaces while we take care of encryption.

Little person sitting on tapchan and looking at the stars

Message privately

Stay connected with friends and family through secure and private chats.

2 people sitting on tapchan, talking and laughing

Get together
with groups and events

Create groups or plan events, invite and notify from causal hang-outs to grand celebrations.

Friends and family sitting on tapchan having celebration

Share and cherish

Discover new photos and video stories from people you care about.

Little person hoping from tapchan to tapchan discovering possibilities

Study and
work together

Turn your work and study chats into smart collaboration spaces featuring file sharing, document editing, and much more.

Little person hoping from tapchan to tapchan discovering possibilities

Hop around

Participate in online market spaces, public discussion boards and much more, just like seamlessly hopping from one tapchan to another.

Little person hoping from tapchan to tapchan discovering possibilities
User greeting each other

Connect with friends
around the world
on Tapchan

User greeting each other


Gain access with an invite from existing user



We are committed to the following manifest.


So, how you gonna keep my stuff private?
Rock-solid e2e encryption is a big deal here.
I mean, of course
And by default, we won't share any of your info with 3rd parties, in contrast to other social networks. Even if you choose to share it yourself, we will still prioritize your privacy.
yes please
Plus, you will get full control over your data and user interface.


ok, but what will make you stand out?
Our interface will adapt to your specific needs, ensuring you won’t be bothered with features you don't require at any given moment.
When buying things online you will be able to look up entire process upfront - from how ads are targeted, to purchases and other user reviews - transparency here isn’t optional.
can't be!


what about your plans for the future?
We strongly believe we've figured out a way to conduct scalable group consensus achieving process. More information on that soon.
Next gen forum vibes?
Absolutely. The power of a true online community is unmatched. Tech buzzes about AI, but AI is fuelled by quality data - our data! So let's stop insisting on artificial and make it collective.
There is one more thingmore

asked questions

Why the name "tapchan"?

Tapchan is a traditional raised platform in Central Asia, a communal space where people gather to socialize and connect. Mirroring this concept, our mission is to recreate the warm, inclusive atmosphere of a tapchan, enabling people to socialize online as naturally and intimately as they would while seated on one.

When Tapchan will be ready for download?

First beta release of the web is planned in January 2024. Applications on iOS and Android devices will become available in March 2024.

Early access to Tapchan