We are building the future of the web

The web has completely transformed our lives over the past few decades, but its ultimate potential remains untapped. Frustrated with lack of fundamental progress even with recent advancments in AI, we decided to reengineer it from the ground up with our revolutionary user interface and software engine. We've named it "tapchan," symbolizing tapping into humanity's potential through online communication channels, which is the essence of the web.

Our mission is to realize this potential, not only making software we use today much more transparent, accessible and easy to use, but solving big problems we face as a civilization, from climate change, to war prevention and fair and efficient governence. We aim to be involved with all cultures, ethnicities and locations around the world, abiding by the main ethos of the Web and the Internet - being accessible to everyone.

The inherently social nature of the web is why social network will be our flagship product, built on top of the platform. You will also be able to use this platform under your own domain to help you uncover the potential of your own organization.


Tapchan is first and foremost technology company, a small team deeply involved with entire technology stack. We understand there is no magic in building revolutionary products - all of it is just clear seeing and tens of thousands of things done right. Building something extraordinary, especially at this scale, is increadibly difficult, but totally worth it — our ultimate aspiration is to make something so absolutely stunning it's irresistible.

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For general enquires contact us at [email protected].